Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Starting Journey

I'm going to start a new blog! Isn't it funny. And I've decided that if I get good profit from this blog, then I'll not continue the others. But firstly I need to describe it properly to my readers, on which topic I'm going to write this blog.....
It's quite an tough question, because I'm not focusing on any topic while writing this blog. But how's that possible? I've just decided that I'll go from this blog to that blog and that blog to others and find some useful content & orginal content which I'll link to, and describe why have I linked, and put the theme which will encourage you to visit that blog.
So what's my profit? If you are benefited visiting my blog even for once daily, I'll be benefited and happy. And I think if I write about other blogs then they will be interested and link to me. Isn't it? Actually I must now stop the nonsense, rather write some useful, interesting, colorful content from which you'll get the satisfaction.

Don't forget that, 
I'm Shafinbest or Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin
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